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4 Reasons to Make the Park Your Next Photoshoot Location

Parks are one of my favorite places for photoshoots, but I think they are often overlooked! Here are 4 Reasons you should consider a children’s park for your next session!

1. More variety and opportunity for creative shots!

Parks are wonderful places full of colors, lines, and movement. It is so easy get creative with perspective, framing, patterns- really the possibilities are endless.

Peeling paint and color adds interest and texture. Try out different perspectives too!

Documentary style photography is super easy when the kids are tired of smiling on cue. Let the expressions come naturally!

Frame your subject in some color!

Slow down your shutter speed to blur motion!

Focus on all the little details you want to remember- like that cute pair of baby jeans!

But you don’t only have to stick with creative portraits. Which brings me to my second point…

2. Still plenty of opportunities to get some gorgeous portraits

I know it may sound crazy, but a beautiful background is NOT necessarily the most important part of a beautiful portrait. Amazing light combined with a great expression are far more important in portraiture. If you have hired a photographer, they will know the how to find best spots to make amazing portraits, and sometimes the spots they pick may surprise you!

Just in the shade under a tree! The white clovers make a cool effect when they are are all blurry! 

Of course the swings are a great spot for big smiles. It can be tricky to get you subject in focus though!

The green background here is just the floor of the playground, which is made of recycled tires! It really makes her purple coat pop!

Bottom of the tunnel slide!!! Amazing light there PLUS instant smile when they reach the bottom! 

3. Nature is usually nearby!

Many parks are near nature trails, green space, and creeks, which is awesome because it can give you lots of variety without having to walk far!

4. The kids are happier!


Ok, maybe they aren’t always happier.

Bonus: 3 Tips for choosing a good park!

1. Choose a quiet park with some character.

Peeling paint, old school equipment, bright colors, whatever your style is! Just try to choose a park that is interesting! Also you may not want to pick a park that is super busy, or if you end up picking a busy park, shoot at less busy time of day!

2. Check out the lighting beforehand.

Be sure to check out the lighting situation of the park you choose before your shoot! Or if you are hiring a photographer, make sure you get their opinion on the best time of day to shoot! You will probably either want a play equipment in a shaded area or you will want to shoot at a time of day when the sun is low on the horizon.

3. Choose a park that has variety nearby!

If you choose a park is near a green space, the woods, or even a city center, you can get a variety of looks in a short amount of time, without wearing out yourself or the kids (wait… maybe you DO want to wear them out! Hello early bedtime!).

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