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Log Cabins, a Dumb Deer, and One Awesome Family

Our good friends and neighbors asked me to take some extended family pictures at Shoal Creek Living History Museum, one of my favorite rustic locations for family sessions. There is an old mill there, tons of log cabins, gardens, beautiful scenery, and even bison!  My friend is a nurse at Children’s Mercy and her husband is a teacher. They are awesome. Anyways, here’s a funny story I will always remember about them. Both of our yards back to trees and a large field, so we often see wildlife and especially deer in the mornings. One morning we woke up and there was a huge deer in this neighbors yard, just standing there! We watched it for awhile and even got out the binoculars to get a better look. It was standing so darned still we thought had seen us and was too scared to move. So we checked on it again a couple of hours later and it was still standing there! We looked at it again through the binoculars and couldn’t figure out why it was still standing there! Then thought finally dawned on us that it was a just a dummy deer for target practicing haha!

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