Hello there! I’m so happy you came by for a visit! My name is Brittney and I am a Kansas City portrait and lifestyle photographer. I love photographing people the very most, and I fall in love every  person who steps in front of my lens. Life is what I capture, and I am a little obsessed about it.

Here is a bit about me. I am a Kansas City native who married a handsome guy from Salt Lake City. My husband and I live in a little split level home in a quiet neighborhood north of Kansas City, where are raising our three sweet and energetic little girls. My family is my life and my source of inspiration. A few more things about me in order of importance… My favorite food group is Ben and Jerry’s chocolate ice cream. I love sports, especially softball and tennis, but I never once been able to do a cartwheel (I have already checked, and cartwheels are not in my DNA- so don’t ask me to do one!). We are nature addicts, but more of in a nerdy way than a cool way. We like to take very slooow walks in the woods while my husband identifies the different plant species, my girls have swordfights with sticks and eat mud, and I snap pictures of it all, of course. I know all the names of my Missouri trees and am getting to know my native wildflowers because my husband likes to quiz me, and I only *sometimes* try the stuff he forages. My husband and I also play the piano, so we like to play duets in between dinner and nightly wrestling matches whenever we can. I was born with a condition called perfectionism, which can cause me problems because I may spontaneously have breakdown and cry over lumpy cheesecake batter. I am really good at focusing and paying attention to details, but my desk is a total disaster. I am also a little bit shy and am very much an introvert. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like people. I love learning about other peoples’ lives and and especially listening to their stories, which is a huge part of why I am in love with my job.

So that’s enough about me. I want to hear more about you! Seriously I would love nothing more to sit down with you over some coffee or hot cocoa and just chat about your life, your loves, and your dreams! LET’S GET IN TOUCH!

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