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Beginnings and a Summer Family of Three

This was my first full family session since setting up shop, and I was a nervous wreck going in. I spent hours upon hours planning, meticulously checking my equipment, and questioning if I was even good enough for this. I knew my love for photography ran deep and that I wanted begin down this path, but each time I sat down to prepare myself, I felt like an impostor behind the camera. As this family stepped out of the car, I immediately felt as ease, like we were old friends. This little family was seriously the perfect one to start my first season off with. They were friendly and relaxed, and just plain adorable. I loved being their paparazzi while they threw rocks in the lake, laughed together, and enjoyed being together. And one of my favorite parts of photographing them was watching their little guy be his adorable 2-year old self. He had no hesitation grinning from ear to ear while being thrown up into the air, showing his mommy and daddy how much he loved them, or making sure we knew he was less than pleased about having his picture taken. How the world would be a better place if we could all be as honest about our feelings as a 2-year old!

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