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Carissa & Brian

This is one of the sweetest little families ever and are some of the kindest people you will meet. We did a lifestyle session because they needed some images for the blog and vlogs they are working on to document their journey with infertility. Carissa and Brian are wanting to help build a community for other couples struggling with the same problem. I didn’t even realize this until I met them, but 1 in 8 couples will struggle with infertility during their lifetime. That is huge! I was surprised to hear that because infertility not an issue I hear about very often, although more people are opening up about it, including Carissa and Brian.  There may be more stories about them later, but they tell it much better than I do, so if you are interested in following their story, check out their YouTube channel by clicking  HERE or follow @carissabarzee on instagram!

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