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Christmas Road Trip

For Christmas this year, we decided to travel to Utah visit my husband’s family. We packed up our winter gear, our Christmas presents, and our whole house and left super early in the morning so we could make to southern Utah before the ice storm hit. We ended up taking a southern route that took us through Arizona and New Mexico to avoid the stormy Colorado Rockies. It made the trip longer, but we did get to stop at Monument Valley on the way which was AWESOME! 

We finally made it to St. George where we met with family, enjoyed the gorgeous desert scenery, and relaxed for a couple of days. On one of our hikes, our toddler wanted to explore while everyone else went ahead. She was sitting there playing in the dirt when she turned to us and said ,”I happy.” Guess she loves the desert as much as we do!

After our time was up in St. George, we headed north to Salt Lake to celebrate Christmas. One of our highlights was spending time in the mountains and going “bottom sledding.” Basically its sledding without the sled!

Finally Christmas Day came and we trudged to church in the snow, opened presents, helped (well, mostly watched) great grandma make a quilt, danced to Christmas music, eat delicious food, and have a wonderful day spending time together.

Her one request for Christmas was fake glasses. Guess Santa came through this year!

She finally got her doll. In Hermione Granger clothes.

I love watching her play. She is absolutely  incredible!

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