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Monthly Tip #1

I’m starting up a project to deliver monthly beginner photography tips, so make sure to subscribe to my blog if you are interested and want to keep up! I decided to do this project as I was waiting for my beloved Nikon to get fixed (it was a very long and sad three weeks, especially since I missed sunflower week at Kansas’ famous Grinter farm!). I was left only with my iphone camera to get me by, but it took me back to the days when I had only a 6.1 megapixel point and shoot (perhaps it could be called a dinosaur by us millennials, but I have always loved dinosaurs and I did love this camera from the day I opened it because it was MINE! Thanks mom and dad.). Here’s a secret I leaned early, but didn’t fully understand until later – you can take great pictures with ANY camera! True, a smartphone or point and shoot camera can never replace a high quality SLR camera and professional lenses, but you can still take great pictures with any camera if you know lighting and know how your camera works (and its strengths and  weaknesses)!


Actually any structure with an overhang will work (i.e. under a deck, under a porch, or even just inside a doorway). Have your subject stand just inside the garage, facing out. If sunlight is pouring into your garage, have your subject stand close to the shadow line on the ground (Note: This trick will not work if there is no shade at all!). And then click that camera!!! Hey, you might even love this trick so much it will inspire you to clean up your garage! Or you can just be lazy like me and point the camera down toward your subjects so that all anyone sees is the floor! Either way, just look at those beautiful catchlights* (see definition below) … AWESOMENESS!

*catchlight-  a gleam of light reflected in a person’s eye

Taken with my iphone 6s (see, you CAN take a good picture with any camera!!!)

Taken with my Nikon d7100

Yes, the contrast and sharpness is not as good, but not too shabby for a smartphone!

And here is another example of an image using the same lighting technique (this one was right inside a doorway at Wheeler Farm)…

And another one for the sake of keeping it real!


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