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Monthly Tip #2- National Smile Day

Today is national smile day!!! In honor of this occasion, this week’s tip is going to be all about smiles!!! I don’t know about you, but my favorite smiles are the infectious ones. The ones where you can’t just help grinning in return. I love love love images with REAL smiles. But they are surprisingly hard to get! So here is what I have found out so far about capturing those gems!


As a photographer and a mom who loves capturing real smiles, I almost never ask my subject to smile. Why? Because more often than not you well get a smile like this…


It’s not a bad picture, in fact I still think she looks beautiful. But you can tell it is not a real smile because her eyes are not smiling. It’s just a “meh” picture. That is because it doesn’t look like she is having any fun! Or feeling anything at all! Great pictures show emotion, and invite viewers to feel emotion with the subject!



Unless you are a talented actor, you probably are not going to be able to give a real smile on demand. How do I get those real smiles? Well I have to work for them! You know, tell a crazy story, hop up and down like a frog, make weird noises. Yes sometimes I get very desperate and yell out “POOP!” because of course, every kids smiles at that word, am I right?!?! Not feeling funny? Hire a comedian! Dads and siblings are great resources for winning authentic smiles.



Ok, maybe siblings aren’t always THAT much help.


But eventually, your hard work will pay off!!!! (I was mooing like a cow for this one)

Enjoy the rest of your National Smile Day and go make some smiles whether or not you are in front of a camera!!!   🙂

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