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Red Buds, Red Birds, and Red Glasses

Spring is such a beautiful time of year in Kansas City. I especially look forward to the beautiful redbud trees that dapple the green landscape with splashes of purple. Besides the redbuds, we had another interesting red addition to our spring- “papa cardinal” as we affectionately call him. One morning we heard a thumping sound on our front door and it turned out to a cardinal trying to break into our house! We tried to chase him away, but then he started attacking our back door! It was pretty cool to get such a close view of him, but after a week of it, the thumping sound got to be quite annoying. I even tried to tape a picture of an owl to the door and that did not help at all (it was worth a try google!). Our toddler, on the other hand, LOVES Papa Cardinal. One morning we spent a whole hour sitting on the stairs by our front door watching him. After that she wanted to help me make a snack in the kitchen (with her favorite red sunglasses), so I gave her a mixing bowl and a spoon and put in a little water! She totally loved it!!!






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