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Spring Session on the Farm

We had been planning a session with this family for months, but the cold weather and other activities made it hard to find an open day! Finally our schedules were both open and the temperature looked like it would be perfect! So the day of the session came, it was nice and warm, and all of a sudden it started getting crazy windy! Well, maybe it’s not always a bad thing to have your hair blowing in the wind (I mean look at all those professional models, right?), but this was really strong wind, and making sure hair wasn’t crazy for 9 people was going to be tricky! But we had been trying for so long to make it happen, we just decided to go for it! We could always reschedule if it didn’t work out! And somehow we just made it work! We took pictures in front of the house so it blocked the wind and in between gusts when we were out in the field- I don’t even think you can tell there was any wind at all!!!

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